About Us

Journals Place is an article – publishing platform connecting Journal Publishers, Authors and Readers through technology.

Our Mission

To properly document and disseminate academic research findings especially from Africa, using technology in a cost effective manner.

Our Values

We strive to make research publication as cost effective as possible  without reducing quality. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

Our Motivation

We discovered that more than 60% of academic journals in Nigeria were not on the web. The reason is that they are unable to afford;

  • website hosting costs
  • journal site design costs
  • domain name costs
  • Year round IT staffing costs
  • costs related to automated payment gateways
  • and other hidden charges.

About 20% of the journal publishers who manage to start up a web based journal publishing system are not all able to sustain it. close to 10% of this number die off from the web after the first year of publishing online. The reason is also their inability to sustain the costs outlined above. At an average, new journal site design costs about $2,000.00. Webhosting related costs can rise up to about $300 or more. So, at an average, a typical online journal publisher can spend about $5,000 or more in the first year and a little less in subsequent years.


So, journals place takes all that burden off you as a hardcopy journal publisher. When we do this, you will then become a online journal publisher also becoming visible to the world at an extremely lower cost. We leverage on co-sharing platforms which makes you pay less than a tent of the said amounts, and we ensure that you remain online. The journal is yours. The content remains yours. Your authors and you remain the copyright owners of published items. We only help you become visible to the wider public.


Ownership And Participation


Journals place is owned by SwitchSet Technology Services Ltd, a company duly registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the companies and allied act with registration number RC1130864. SwitchSet Technology Services Ltd is an ICT company operating businesses in

  • Webdesign and App Development
  • Computer Network Infrastructure design and deployment
  • Technology Training
  • Digital Marketing
However, journals place as a project brought together professionals from the academia and from the IT industry who consistently work as a team to achieve the mandate of the project.


Our purpose for journals place is to maintain a platform that will make online journaling easy and attainable, especially for the less developed countries like those in Africa.

Taking the entire online journaling burden off "hardcopy" journal publishers, we give them an opportunity to reach the world in the most cost effective way. This is achieved using the principle of cohosting.

Are you a journal publisher? Are you looking for cost effective ways of hosting your journals online without bordering about the details of online publishing?. Are you looking to make proceeds to help sustain production? Do you want to get indexed easily and get higher impact factors? Then you are in the right place. Contact us today and take that initial bold step. Participation is allowed for all disciplines of colleges, polytechnics, Universities, academic associations and research institutes.

“With an amazing team of hard working professionals from the academia and IT industry, we provide our customers with the best solution to research work documentation and distribution. Your journal authors write the articles, you publish, while Journals Place makes it available for online viewing.”

Substance Ahiauzu

Substance Ahiauzu (PhD)